What is MUN?

Model United Nations (MUN) is a simulation of different committees and bodies of the United Nations, where students represent countries and act as real diplomats. They try to defend the interests of the country they are representing and negotiate with other delegates in an attempt to find solutions to relevant international issues. MUN tests the participants’ abilities in writing, public speaking, and negotiation skills. MUN is engaging and challenging, forcing delegates to push for their countries’ positions, while at the same time having to come to a consensus with others to write resolutions. As challenging as it is, it is during MUN conferences where you may find the best friends and get a chance to meet people from all over the world. MUN helps to destroy many biases and false assumptions about other nationalities and countries and engages the youth in the discussion on current affairs.

What is LVMUN?

Latvian Model United Nations (LVMUN) is an incentive by the students of the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga in 2012. The first LVMUN took place in 2013 and gathered more than 150 delegates from 10 countries. The conference was held with the help of the Senior Vice President of Stockholm School of Economics in Riga Gunnar Ljungdahl and the Ambassadors of Austria, Sweden, and Finland to Riga. The aim of LVMUN is to promote diplomacy and encourage an open dialogue on complex global issues, including international peace and security, economic and social progress. At LVMUN, delegates gain insight into the workings of the United Nations and the dynamics of international relations. They gain a chance to engage in a debate on pre-selected topics and as well as react to a crisis that emerges during the conference. The ultimate goal of every committee at LVMUN is to pass a resolution that is comprehensive and broad enough to provide an adequate solution to the question at hand, while at the same time is accepted by as many delegates as possible.


Previous Secretaries-General:

2013, 2014, 2015 - Auguste Levcenkaityte

2016 Spring - Daniel Gindis

2016 Autumn - David Jan Bosschaert

2017 Autumn - Sebastian Vogelpoel

2018 Autumn/Winter - Liza Leimane

2021 - Atif Jawed

"But let us never fear to negotiate"
John F. Kennedy