We are happy to see

you interested in LVMUN IX!


This conference will definitely enhance your political knowledge horizons, help you improve public speaking, negotiation, and teamwork skills as well as give you a chance to meet students from all around the world!

The application for becoming a delegate will be opened as the event approaches

(Please note that no applications will be accepted after the deadline.)

Important notes:

The application is completed only after you transfer the delegate fee of 5 EUR. Once you have done it, the spot at LVMUN IX is guaranteed for you.

We advise you to bear in mind the difficulty levels of each committee before making the choice.

If you have transferred the fee, we do not refund it if you have altered your decision about participation later.


1) Registration: filling in the application form and selecting the committee of preference through our website. Participants can register either on their own or as a delegation (a minimum of 5 people).

2) Confirmation: An acceptance email allowing the participant to pay the fees is sent out.

3) Payment: The participant transfers the delegate fee.

4) Country allocation: An email with country and committee allocations is sent out, which indicates the official and secured a place in the conference.